Gabriel Dubois






Uniquely straddling the doctrines of street art, postmodernism and arte povera, Gabriel Dubois’ practice is borne out of an innate desire to express and inscribe his heterogeneous life experiences through the formal language of abstraction.

In its earliest form, Dubois expressed this through painting the carriages of Canadian freight trains, creating mobile public displays of his work across his native country. Time spent as a house painter furnished his artistic vocabulary with an acutely measured brushstroke now synonymous with his practice from Berlin to Sri Lanka, wherever the artist has been based.

Dubois’ work channels his nomadic existence through an equilibrium of signifiers and symbols; energetically painted geometric forms are punctuated by collaged magazine and flea market imagery, synthesizing the chaos and detritus of urban life, and its indifference to cultural specificity. High art, religious symbols, graffiti scrawls and everyday media merge, forming an absorbing abstract picture plane.
In a parallel practice similarly employing found materials, Dubois creates wooden shelter-like structures, reminiscent of the hippy colonies built by US draft dodgers during the Vietnam era on the islands off the Vancouver Coast. Regardless of where he finds himself, Dubois has continued to create these shelters as temporary studios, places of refuge, and formal counterpoints to his painted abstract compositions.(text Jermey Epstein)

Gabriel Dubois
Born in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, 1981
Lives and works in Berlin Germany and Vancouver Canada

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Fine Arts
2001-2003, Vancouver, Canada


2013 ‘The Weather Report’, Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England
2012 ‘Infinity Broadcast’, Galerie Kub, Leipzig, Germany
‘Betriebs Ausflug’, Hamburg-Leipzig
2012 ‘Kayseri Manti’, London Art Fair, Solo Booth Courtesy of Edel Assanti Gallery
2011 ‘Instant Harmonica’, Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England
2010 ‘KYKKELIKI’, Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
2010 ‘Erupto’, Galerie Kamila Regent, Saignon, France
2009 ‘Horn OK Please’, Raum 21, Hamburg, Germany
2008 ‘Market Superannuated’, Glanzkinder Gallery, Colonge, Germany
2008 ‘Superannuated Symbiotics’, SKAM, Hamburg, Germany​
2008 ‘Schnittchens’, Mono Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘Better Than Ever Before’, Vicious Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2006 ‘Escape Routes’, Les Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2013 ‘Stenten’, The Resilience of Line, Locale and Intuition with
Evan Broens and Ed Spence. Trench Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2012 ‘No Place Like Home’, with Sandra Lange, Robert Motherwell, Joan Miro,
and many more. Notare An Der Palmaille, Hamburg, Germany.
2012 ‘Lobster Claw Buffet’, with Ki Yoon Ko and Igor Maier, Stroke Art Fair, Berlin
2012 ‘City Doping Festival’, Warsaw, Poland
2011 ‘Synthetic Real’, Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England
2011 ‘Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970’s, with
Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark,
Barbican Art Gallery, London, England (‘Duet For Two Bicycles’ Short Film Featured)
2011 ‘Edel Assanti = 1’, Edel Assanti Gallery, London, England
2011 ‘Ritual’, Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA
2010 ‘Never Judge’, Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
2010 ‘Helping Hounds of Hell 2’, Berlin Art Projects Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 ‘Summer Group Show’ Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
2010 ‘Tokyo here we come’, Hiromart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2010 ‘BAT Pack’, Mile End Art Pavilion, London, England
2010 ‘Give and Take’, Feinkunst Kruger, Hamburg, Germany
2009 ‘Winter Group Show’ Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
2009 ‘Urban Affairs’, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, Germany
2009 ‘Kampnagel Live Art Festival’, Hamburg, Germany
2008 ‘Urban Affairs’, Brauerei Friedrichshöhe, Berlin, Germany
2008 ‘The Pickled Hering’, with Jacob Jaramius Moog, Dockville Festival,
Hamburg, Germany
2008 ‘The Helping Hounds of Hell’, Helium Cowboy Gallery, Hamburg & Neuro
Titan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2008 ‘Ausblender’, Kunstforum Altona, Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘Other than the obelisk’, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘Hinterconti Group show’, Botnik studio, Göteborg, Sweden
2007 ‘The Moldy Oyster’,with Jacob Jaramius Moog, Dockville Festival,
Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘Filthy Pleasures 2’, Gigi Artspace, Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘Frozen Cirrostratus’, with Tjorg Douglas Beer, Volker Hueller, HÜX‘ L,
Kora Jünger, Eske Schülters, Jörn Stahlschmidt, Malte Urbschat
and Dirk Meinzer, SAEKKERS Gallery, Eindhoven, Holland
2006 ‘End 2 End’, Linda Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2006 ‘Brave Art’,, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2006 ‘Episoden und Fragmente’, with Beer Bench Gospel, OLGA, TMSisters,
TOY, and VIP, Filter Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2005 ‘The End’, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2004 ‘13 Drawings’, Rise, Montreal, Canada
2003 ‘Filthy Pleasures’, with Ben Tour, KNOSH, Vancouver, Canada

(Ben Tour, Fontski, Johnny Paulson, and Gabriel Dubois)

2004 ‘Frantic Scratchings’, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2004 ‘A Fair Brunette’, DV8, Vancouver, Canada
2004 ‘Beer Bench Gospel, El Cartel, Vancouver, Canada
2003 ‘Round One’, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


2013 Piloten Kuche, Spinerai, Leipzig, Germany
2012 Gangeviertel Studio Residency, Hamburg, Germany
2010 Chambre de sejour, Saignon, France
2009 Vorwerkstift, Hamburg, Germany
2009 Kampnagel Theater Studio Residency, Hamburg, Germany


2012 UNIKAT Issue VI, Full Feature Catalog, Published by Rene S. Spiegelberger Stiftung
2012 COLOR Magazine, Full Feature, The History Issue
2012 Art Review, Issue 57, March
2012 Time Out, London News, London Art Fair Review
2011 Dazed and Confused Magazine, Fall Artist Special
2006 ARKITIP Magazine, Summer Issue


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